English Department, University of Vienna, 2-3 March 2018

SEM offers PhD students, post-docs and advanced MA students the opportunity to present their research to other scholars working in the field of English Medieval Studies.

Following the tradition of previous SEM meetings, papers of 15-20 pages on any topic related to the English Middle Ages will be welcome (especially linguistics, philology, literature and cultural studies, but also history, art history and archeology).

The papers will be made available to all participants to be read before the conference and to be presented individually by senior scholars, who will summarize them and provide critical feedback and questions for the plenary discussion. Younger scholars can thus benefit from the expertise of senior scholars and have their projects discussed in a friendly atmosphere.

Since 1999, the conference has also aimed at establishing networks among academics working in the field of English Medieval Studies, especially at universities in German-speaking countries. After taking place at various universities in Germany and Switzerland, SEM XX in 2018 will for the first time be organized at a university in Austria.

Contributions are welcome in English or in German.